We Can Work It Out

The company’s fully equipped gym is proving a big hit with employees at our headquarters in Sandyford Road in Paisley. The 24 hour fitness centre offers a wide range of equipment from exercise bikes and rowing machines for cardio workouts to kettle bells and weights for those keen to improve muscle tone and build strength.

Director, John Horne said: “As a former footballer I know the health benefits of being fit and active and I want to ensure my employees are able to make exercise part of their working lives. I am also aware how expensive gym memberships can be and how much easier it is to make working out part of your everyday routine if you can squeeze it in before or after work, or in your lunch break.”

“The gym has been very popular with our 100 employees some of whom come in at six in the morning to do a session. While we haven’t yet had a business meeting over the bench press, our customers are welcome to use the facilities too!

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