JR Scaffold Services supply structure for repair works to Hamilton Mausoleum

JR Scaffold Services, a division of leading Scottish construction firm The JR Group, has erected a 24m-high scaffold around one of South Lanarkshire’s most significant cultural landmarks – the Hamilton Mausoleum – in preparation for major repair works.

The Paisley-based business, which is one of Scotland’s largest scaffolding suppliers, has constructed a full perimeter scaffold including a circular structure around dome of the iconic building to allow for important restoration works to take place.

The scaffold, which was supplied by JR Scaffold Services on behalf of Go Wright Ltd., will stand in place from now until 2022, upon completion of planned stone restoration and lead replacement works.

Following a successful campaign from the Hamilton Mausoleum Trust, South Lanarkshire Council pledged to invest thousands into repairing the historic building, and later commissioned repair work to combat water ingress and reverse signs of wear and tear.

Built in the grounds of the now-demolished Hamilton Palace, the dome-shaped building was built as a tomb and monument to Alexander, 10th Duke of Hamilton, nicknamed ‘El Magnifico’, but was incomplete at the time of his death in 1852.

In addition to being a popular visitor attraction the Mausoleum also provides a unique venue that in recent years has hosted modern and classical music performances, art installations and the recording of classical music specifically composed for its unique acoustics.

JR Scaffold Services worked closely with Historic Scotland to be able to erect the scaffolding structure in a way which would protect the building and its history.

John Jack, Contracts Manager at The JR Group, said: “We’re proud to be playing a part in the restoration of the Hamilton Mausoleum – one of the country’s most iconic buildings which holds a fascinating history.

“Over a four-week period, we built a scaffold structure around the entire perimeter of the building including the dome, along with a full-height loading bay, staircase and hoist bay. The scaffold will allow for important works to preserve the Hamilton Mausoleum, which has been showing signs of water ingress.

“JR Scaffold Services worked closely with Historic Scotland throughout this process to ensure that the building and its features were protected. Vital repair works have now begun and when completed will breathe new life into the landmark, helping to safeguard its future.”

JR Scaffold Services Ltd has created innovative design structures to support some of Scotland’s most iconic buildings, including the University of Glasgow, The Hunterian Museum and Dounreay Nuclear Power Plant.

The JR Group employs around 200 staff and was founded in Govan in 1995. It started as a scaffolding business and is now one of the largest building and construction firms in Scotland.

The business operates throughout Scotland and Northern England working on behalf of a number of the UK’s leading housebuilders, registered social landlords and private clients – it also has recently launched its own private homebuilding division – JR Homes and timber kit division – DC Timber.

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