The JR Group Takes One Step Further In Its Carbon Neutral Journey

The JR Group is now one step further along its journey to become carbon neutral following completion of the initial stage of a vigorous carbon auditing process of their business.

The leading building and construction firm joined forces with carbon partner Auditel in 2023, in a bid to move towards becoming a more carbon friendly business and committed to monitoring every energy output to understand their starting point, with the longer-term objective of reaching Net Zero.

Now armed with the vital statistics from the audit, the team is committed to moving forward in making energy savings and carbon improvements which will be measured year on year by their partners Auditel, who will evaluate their journey towards carbon neutrality over the coming years.

Andrew Dallas, Project Director for The JR Group, said: “We commissioned Auditel to help drive The JR Group towards carbon neutrality, and the first step was to undertake a full carbon audit of our business, which was no mean feat to complete.

“It was vital for us to demonstrate as a business, that we are looking to the future, and we are taking the climate crisis seriously. Now that this first stage is complete, we are now setting out objectives as a business, and identifying key areas for where we can become more carbon aware.

“We aim to take on board the findings and reduce our carbon footprint in line with any recommendations. We also plan to bring all lessons learned into all new projects we carry out whilst also bringing along our clients, subs and suppliers on the journey.

“We look forward to continuing our progress in this area. It is becoming something we are asked about by our partners and clients regularly so is incredibly important to us to stay in front of as a growing business.”

Sean Connaughton, Carbon Auditor at Auditel added, “We are delighted to be working with The JR Group and it is great to have hit this first milestone for them on their journey.

“They are a market leading building and construction firm in Scotland, and they are once again leading the way on their journey to Net Zero. We look forward to continuing working with the team and their supply chain to help them achieve an industry recognised standard of Carbon Neutrality.”

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