Fife Housing Group and The JR Group Swing Into Action to Provide Play Equipment for Fife Community

The JR Group has swung into action recently, to officially hand over the upgraded playpark for a local Kirkcaldy community as part of its new homes project in Glen Albyn for Fife Housing Group.

Both Fife Housing Group and The JR Group are working in partnership to deliver 49 much-needed new energy-efficient homes in the area and agreed to revamp a local playpark as part of the community benefits and planning requirements for the project, in an effort to preserve the natural environment around the new development.

Usually, additional commitments such as these are completed towards the end of the construction phase, however, both organisations were keen to give local children the opportunity to enjoy the playpark over the summer months and so decided to accelerate the upgrade, installing four new pieces of equipment and finishing the project in early August 2022.

To celebrate completion, Fife Housing Group’s Clerk of Works, Douglas Smith, The JR Group’s Senior Site Manager, Chris Turley, and Construction Administration Manager, Gayle O’Hear, came to cut the ribbon with guest of honour, Cody, Chris’ spaniel and resident site dog.

Gale O’Hear, Construction Administarion Manager for The JR Group said: “Investing in the communities in which we are building is at the very core of our business, so we were delighted to support the community at Glen Albyn with the updagrade of the playpark and working with the team at Fife Housing Group to bring the activity forward to ensure the community could benefit from it during the summer months.”

Douglas Smith, Clerk of Work, for Fife Housing Group added: “It’s terrific we were able to bring the construction of the new playpark forward and it’s really nice being able to give the local kids some new play equipment that they can enjoy for years to come”.

Due to be completed in spring 2023, the development itself is part-funded by the Scottish Government and will make a significant contribution to achieving their ambitious new build social housing targets.

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